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Lighthouse Baptist Child Development Center is honored to participate in the early developmental years of your child from infancy through early preschool by providing high-quality childcare at an affordable rate. We believe the three main foundational influences in the lives of children are church, home, and school, and our goal is to create a safe environment which will support and expand on what your child is being taught at church and at home.

Every child deserves the opportunity to reach their fullest potential and we are excited to partner with you in this process! Our program is based on foundational Biblical truths which will help your child develop Christian character and values, such as God’s love for us and our love for God and each other.

Our curriculum is developmentally appropriate and based on the children’s needs and interests. It is presented in a fun, interactive manner which will allow your child to experience and learn multiple concepts. Our learning environment is dynamic, safe, and nurturing allowing every child to take the chance to learn and experience.

Our teachers are essential elements to the learning process. They develop and instruct your child through each new discovery and concept. Also, and most importantly, they create a relationship with the children and families. Through this relationship they are able to demonstrate God’s love, strengthen a child’s abilities, and motivate a child to develop and reach their fullest potential.

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Daily Schedule

At Lighthouse Baptist Child Development Center, we are committed to caring for your child’s needs in a loving and structured way.  Providing a daily schedule gives your child security and direction by knowing what is going to happen next in his day.  All parents are also given a “Daily Experience Sheet” detailing when diaper changes happened, what time naps were taken, food eaten, and general disposition and activities of the day.  This is also a great source of communication between parents and teachers and allows you, the parent, to know what your child is doing throughout the day!


Our teachers provide weekly theme-based lesson plans built on the Creative Curriculum to the develop the whole child.  With specific developmental goals for the ages and interests of the children in their classroom, these fun, interactive lessons allow infants and toddlers to grow and develop skills in the areas of language, literacy, math/science, art, social/emotional, fine motor, and gross motor at a pace that is appropriate for them!

For further information about Lighthouse Baptist Child Development Center or to set up an appointment, you can contact us by either phone or email.

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